All Japan, All the Time

It’s been a busy week in terms of my publications about Japan.  Yesterday my piece on Rene Redzepi ran in Travel + Leisure:

I had the good fortune to spend time with this deeply intelligent person whose curiosity about life translates into an awareness of nature’s bounty that is unique.

Earlier in the week, my piece about Niigata and Sado Island appeared in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia.  Those regions, NW of Tokyo, are pretty untrammeled by any standard, and there is an appreciation for agriculture and a rural mentality that are refreshing.

And my recent piece in Gastronomica is out: All about the ideology, branding, and seasonality of Japanese cuisine.  Here’s a controversial paragraph from the piece:

“The myths of Japanese harmony with nature and an elevated aesthetic have also been debunked successfully by scholars such as Pamela Asquith who, writing in Japanese Images of Nature (1996) and elsewhere, notes that the war- time experience in the mid-twentieth century of Japanese colonizers is anything but a peaceful collaboration with the environment. In fact, it is worth considering whether or not the myth of a heavenly and deeply aesthetic appreciation by Japanese of nature is rooted in the years preceding and during World War II, and is a facet of imperialistic ideology meant to justify a colonial program of subjugation.”

Next up is a piece on micro-brewing in Japan, to be followed by a story on why Kyoto is the perfect sister of Boston.




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