Suddenly, Good Restaurants Galore!

Within the past twelve months, Boston has three new restaurants that have delicious food, good service, and a lively vibe.  Add Giulia to this list, which opened nearly two years ago, and suddenly we have four places where it’s fun to dine out.

Bar Boulud, Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca, and The Shepherd.

You have on that list of three restaurants a first-rate and informal French place (BB), a wonderful trattoria style place (BPE), and a terrific neighborhood joint with a nod to France (TS).

The Shepherd opened two nights ago.

I was with my friend N last night.  We started out with drinks at The Beat Hotel.  Then walked to Giulia.  On the way, we saw that The Shepherd had just opened.  A smidge on the geezer side in terms of clientele, but a well-lit room with simple wooden tables and chairs, and pleasant, eager service.  The meal: Raw oysters (Wellfleet), soft shell crab with beets, duck liver, and gnudi with morels and pea shoot greens.  Honestly, the kind of food I cook at home.

I think we’re going to see a trend of restaurants where the emphasis is on well-plated, well-defined food that isn’t about fat, offal, and salt.

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