The First 18 Hours in Tokyo

It’s eerily familiar being back here after only a few months absence.  What was unfamiliar is recognizable.  Navigation is easy, shortcuts through stations possible, etiquette understood.

The JR Express whisked us from Narita to Shinjuku in just over an hour.  Shinjuku is the world’s busiest train station.  Then a short cab ride of under five minutes to our hotel.  Hot shower, change of clothes, out to see friends.

First stop: FUKU.  Simple, delicious, inexpensive yakitori with a couple of beers.  Japanese drank French wine with the grilled chicken.  Next stop: Another yakitori place a few doors down.  Third stop: Swan Lake Brew Pub.  Cold drafts of I.P.A.  from a brewery in Hiroshima prefecture.  Last call at 2300.  Finally, a well-known and tiny sake “pub” with sparse decoration and small glasses of three very tasty sake.

In bed by 1 AM and up to run three miles.

Later today: Roppongi for T+L, a visit to Reiko at NUNO, and more meetings in the afternoon before an Italian dinner with S.


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