In the Japanese Mountains

Due to jet lag, I’m up just past 5 A.M. on a futon in a tatami room inside The Kayotei, which is a lovely and remote hot springs inn located near Kaga Onsen, and is part of Ishikawa prefecture.

I’ve been here many times.  No place has better food and the silence of its passageways is addictive.

Moments ago, bells from a nearby Zen monastery rang out.  Crows have been cawing for over an hour.

I’m seated in an open air part of the room, just renovated a day ago, with a deep, wooden bath about fifteen feet away.  Overlooking a forest and in view of mountains and a few large buildings housing other inns.

Today I’m interviewing a number of artisans: A wood maker, soba maker, rice farmer.  Later this year or early next, I’ll return to help the prefecture develop documents that can be used to support the artisans through sales of their work overseas.


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