Sunday in Kyoto

A long walk to a middle class, residential neighborhood brought us past an enormous temple complex, across busy city highways, and to a sprawling park filled with families having picnics before or after visiting the train museum.

We walked into “My Farmer,” a little store selling local vegetables and fruits, and then went to Mercato, which was just about next door.

Mercato is a first-rate and new pizzeria with real Neapolitan pies and for $15 you get an entire pizza with fresh buffalo milk mozzarella, a huge salad, and a small beer.

We walked that off by returning on foot to the hotel.  Along the way, another enormous temple complex.  Am I the only one who thinks that all religious buildings ought to be razed and replaced by schools based on science?  Probably.

In the evening, we met up with friends at Hotel Okura.  Just a meeting place.  The hotel is among the few fancy places built in the ’60’s, and it is beautiful.  We all took cabs to Gyu-Ha.

Gyu-Ha is a tiny and very remote beef “yaki” place deep in the NE section of Kyoto, and said to be a haunt of geisha.  M took us there, she’s a regular.  We were joined by T and I and two others I’d not met before.  Crazy delicious grilled beef and lots of beer and sake.

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