Glimpses of Hokkaido

It’s been just about ten days since arrival on Hokkaido, and I’m sorry to say that tomorrow afternoon we return by ANA to Haneda.  Because it’s lovely here: Quiet and peaceful, copses of birch, crying birds, people who seem generous as a result of having space, and summer brings out the vitality bottled up by long, harsh winters.

Yesterday we walked to a “mirror pond” accompanied by a local forager who pointed out edible mountain vegetables, and collected thin bamboo shoots.  Later we walked to a lake at the foot of Mt. Yotei, which resembles Fuji-san, and passed by a group of energetic and elderly Japanese women hiking.

Lunch was a wonderful soba with grated, sticky yam.

Naps and onsen.

Dinner, unfortunately, was at a dreadful izakaya in town, but since it was dark and the drive to a fancy place an hour away, it was the best option.  Probably.

Today we meet friends in Sapporo for an evening of wine and yakitori.

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