Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo

It’s been a long working holiday here.  Eighteen days pocked by long and informative interviews interspersed with onsen, good food, and good friends.  My Japanese inches forward, and like a child I know the names of many animals: Nekko, inu, kitsune, deke, torii, kuma, kuni, ebi, sake.  And so on.  Not exactly making for a rollicking conversation.

Tokyo has opened itself up again to me: Neighborhoods I know, neighborhoods I am getting to know.

Two Rooms for drinks.  L’As (again) for dinner.  An evening with R that was lively.

This morning: Shinjuku.  Isetan for eki-ben, etc.

JR Express to Narita, but back again soon.

“One morning I woke up in a strange, new place in which everything looked familiar, but no one made sense.  I knew immediately I could not let on.”

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