A Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week at the intersection of food and commerce.  The NYT reported a few days ago that Governor Cuomo recommended an increase in the state minimum wage.  So that the top tier don’t feel left out, the paper published a piece today on how to get a table at incredibly expensive and exclusive restaurants: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/25/your-money/how-to-connive-a-reservation-at-that-oh-so-popular-restaurant.html?ref=business&_r=0

Meanwhile, on a personal note, I’m immersed in my book on Indian-American lives. With twenty-one chapters written, and nine more to go, plus a preface and afterward, I’m near completion of a solid rough draft.

And editing a novel that is due with an agent at the end of the summer.

To say nothing of reading the latest book by Oliver Sacks: Writing that is as observant as it is honest.  Just thrilling.

And detritus written this week: A piece on Mount Fuji, a piece on anago (conger sea eel), pieces on artisans of Ishikawa and Hokkaido…


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