Summer Dining In, Summer Dining Out

It’s basically all in.  What with tomatoes going for under $2 a pound and cukes at two for a dollar, and peppers lowballing it, it’s gazpacho just about every night.  Forget the fancy-pants version, and try this:

Food processor on.  Check.  One shallot, some salt, some mirin, some olive olive oil, some sambal oelek, a few tomatoes, a red or orange pepper, one peeled cucumber.  Seven minutes later, place in metal bowl and then in fridge.  Wait until it’s cold.  Serve with good bread.  It’s the $5 version that serves four rather than the restaurant version for $32-48 that serves four.

There are so many reasons to dine out and so many reasons to dine in.

Dining out at good places informs you of flavors you can add or subtract at home.  Conviviality is key in a happy dining room of a busy restaurant.  Conversation in public?  Different than at home.

I’ve been enjoying, for example, Sweet Cheeks, near Fenway Park, a perfect spot before a game.  $63 gets you two beers, a watermelon salad, a pulled pork sandwich, and a pulled chicken sandwich.  No sides, sandwiches the size of sliders.   Not a place one would think of going to unless it was before another event, but it’s fine.  Really, it’s good, it’s OK.  Way overpriced, but no one forces you to go, and, folks, it’s jammed!  Can’t get a table on nights the Red Sox are playing.

Even better is Galleria Umberto–perfect square slices of Sicilian pizza.  No place is better in Boston.  It’s lunch only.


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