Fall Restaurant Openings

The NY Times published today its list with brief descriptions of restaurants opening this Fall in the five boroughs.

There are certain trends: The chefs and their investors are expanding by opening new places; there are lots of Central American and South American menus; a few new American restaurants; and, several spots which emphasize vegetarian cuisines.

Among the places in NYC that I find exciting to think about and visit are:

Avant Garden.  Vegan.

Cafe Altro Paradiso.  From Ignacio Mattos, who runs Estela.  Ought to be first rate.

La Sirena.  Batali and Bastianich @ the Maritime.  Simply, two of the smartest guys in the business.

Le Coq Rico.  Birds from *** Alsatian chef Antoine Westermann.  Expect the best.

In Boston Eater, the list of new restaurants appeared on 8/26/15.  Here the trends are taking street food and bar food and giving them a home.

Among the places in Boston that I find exciting to think about and visit are:

Coppersmith.  Basically, a big bar in South Boston that promises to be a place where the unattached can get attached or the recently attached can meet.  In the words of the chef quoted in the article: “Exceptional seasonal ingredients, a focus on flavor, easy to understand dishes…”  I love that he wants to “focus on flavor.”  Indeed, why not focus on flavor?

Whole Heart Provisions.  Looks like terrific vegetarian cuisine with a North American emphasis though some noodle dishes will be there as well.

Smoke Shop.  A BBQ place from Andy Husbands.

Other Boston places will feature Greek food, which everyone knows is The Next Big Thing; an upscale place selling shrimp scampi and chicken parm; a new steak place from the Del Frisco franchise with 300 covers per seating; several burrito places; and, some pan-Asian joints.  At Pink Samurai, creativity is the nom de guerre, according to the chef, who is quoted in the piece: “Probably won’t see a lot of traditional stuff on the menu,” Cunningham previously told Eater. “Plenty of dumpling places do the standard dumpling house really well, so I’m focusing on more fun and creative stuff — pork and fermented sugar pea potstickers, dumplings with foie and apple kimchi, squid ink bao — stuff like that.”

Now you know where to satisfy that apple kimchi and foie craving.


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