Restaurant Demographics

A decent sized restaurant well funded by investors has a business plan.  That plan includes the range of customers it seeks with its menus.  Some restaurants cast a wide net with huge menus designed to please as many people as possible, from those with lots of money to those on a tight budget; young and old; food knowledgeable and those who kind of don’t care, but enjoy eating out; folks who like lots of food to those who want small plates; and, so on.

Good examples of the big menu places are the Italian-American places that have opened up over the past five years: These are trattoria-style, with pizza, pasta, big main courses, and great side dishes of vegetables.   The best example in Boston is Babbo Pizzeria and Enoteca; another great place is Pastoral.

It’s the family-style Chinese and Italian-American that historically have been crowd pleasers.

The challenge though, beyond that model, is to find restaurants that are well-defined and specific in who they are trying to reach.  It’s a riskier endeavor because the restaurant is deliberately focusing on a smaller, presumably regular, and well off enough customer to ensure high and routine revenues.

In Boston, you have Giulia.


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