NYC Dining, Chapter 42

Prior to a last minute decision to see, “The King and I,” which was truly wonderful, a last minute decision was made to have lunch @ ESCA, which for the money is arguably the best restaurant of its kind in the country.

Salmon roe house cured, sea “truffle,” a pasta with tuna Bolognese, and fritto misto.  Killer service, lively room.  The tuna dish was fascinating–I’ve tried to make it many times at home, but this version was different and of course much better.  The tuna was ground as fine as meat in a true Bolognese and mascarpone thickened the sauce and made it a red-organge color.

In the evening, drinks at Lafayette because most of the bars in the neighborhood were jammed.  Great drinks and at $17 a pop, they had better be.

Then, finally, dinner at il Buco Alimentari.  My go-to Italian where every meal, lunch or dinner, is first-rate.  Some sort of terrific appetizer of radishes sliced paper thin with white anchovies and a light vinegar and olive oil along with salumi for two came before agnolotti with crab and spaghetti with bottarga.


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