Restaurant Regulars

At this point, I’ll go anywhere and try just about anything, and if it’s halfway decent and the things disliked are minor or anticipated or just fun in a chaotic kind of way, I’ll return to the restaurant again and again and again.

It’s like a good book or good song or favorite team.

I mean: If you’ve found what you like, if it feels good being there, why not make it kind of a home?  And, sure, add homes, but stay loyal.  The fact is that there are precious few restaurants worth time and money.

So, for example, I was in ESCA on Friday evening (before Hamilton) and Saturday at noon (before Charles III).  RUBIROSA on Friday and the previous six weeks in twice.  IL BUCO ALIMENTARI a lot over the past couple of months.  BATARD: three times since August.  Good food, served with confidence and pride.  No fuss on the plate or in the room.

These are the kind of meals I prepare at home, too: Small plates that focus on fish, vegetables, Italian or Italian-American, and, yes, a bit of Central Europe by way of France.

Many places end up with what is, by any standard, bar food: High in fat, pork-centric, often fried, and salted to a degree that you end up buying drinks marked up, ballpark, 300%.

At home: I’m a regular with EATALY‘s housemate pastas: Agnolotti plin-style or fiori di zucca stuffed ravioli.  Is every cashier there from Queens or Staten Island?

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