Dining Gnus

It was back to MOOO on Friday, the third visit in a week, and that’s because no place in Boston has a better vibe: Grown up’s in a room with subdued lighting, a hint of jazz, well poured drinks and good wine well-priced, and delicious food: Raw oysters, Caesar salad, a edge of iceberg lettuce and a wedge of Maytag blue, risotto with black trumpets, prime sirloin, veal schnitzel, club sandwiches.

Hey, chefs, nothing wrong with the classics.

It’s the kind of restaurant that is well managed: Meaning that the margins on the protein are low, meaning that the quality of the meat, oysters, chicken, and vegetables is high.  The money comes from the sides, the cocktails, and the wine mark-up.  That’s the way to do it.

Who wouldn’t want top drawer ingredients rather than parts of beasts and soil that cost restaurants little?  Sure, buy low and sell high, but not what’s on the plate.  That worthy principle should apply to what’s on the side or in the glass.


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