Changes in the Food Supply

An article in today’s NYT Business section  has it that Campbell Soup is producing soups that are healthier–lower in sodium, no corn syrup–and also contain ingredients that can be found in households rather than laboratories.  It’s a good sign, of course, and it may be that the impact of medical information is changing consumer habits to a degree that companies of significance are making products to match the change.

Starbucks is having a more difficult time in the P.R. world: Some Christian evangelists–number unknown or unspecified–are protesting the company’s decision to remove explicit Christmas greetings on their cups.  Faith based latte has always been a preoccupation among the devout, and the point here is evident and requires no comment.

On the higher end of beverages: In the past year, the global demand among deep pocket whisky drinkers for vintage, single malt whiskies from Japan has led to a worldwide shortage, including within Japan.  As a result, the top Japanese companies are pushing nonvintage whiskies at roughly the same price as the stuff that frankly tastes ten times better.  What to do, what to do?  Answer: Drink single-malt, vintage whiskies from Scotland.  Plenty of them, priced the same or less than the nonvintage Japanese stuff.  And wait: About ten years from now, the Japanese will have aged whiskies again.


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