Countdown to Thanksgiving

I’m making it easy this year.  Russo’s, the Boston version of Fairway, started a new program with Cart Fresh about six weeks ago and now, for $7, they will deliver anything you like from the store to your doorstep.  This saves a ridiculous amount of time going back and forth to this wonderful store as well as time spent navigating the narrow aisles and long lines at cashiers.

So we’ll have here on Tuesday all the things needed for Thanksgiving except…

The turkeys.  Two 12 pound birds, Jaindl Farms, sold by Whole Foods.  These are good birds, which will be lathered in butter and adorned with sage and rosemary and sage, and we’re talking Club sandwiches from leftover turkey and Father’s Kentucky bacon in the days subsequent to my favorite holiday, bar none.

All the time spent out of stores leads to greater productivity.  I’ve got two articles on the whiskies of Japan out in December; my book on resiliences of immigrants from India will be out in April (I’m told, we’ll see); and, the edits on my book about family life are proceeding.

Years from now, we’ll all remember The Age of Retail fondly.  It’s over.  What will replace the stores?  Who knows?  I’m guessing that it’ll be a division between mom-and-pop joints that subsist year to year; franchises that have top brands and lower brands all owned by the same hedge funds; and, lots of therapeutic places where people–through meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massages–can forget the anomie which results from diminished social contact.

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