Things Change

The French and Germans were at each other’s throats until 1945 and now they’re best buddies.  Things change.  It used to be iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing, and now it’s iceberg lettuce and blue cheese dressing again.  Brussels was once the capital of an empire that tortured and enslaved millions in the center of Africa, then it became the joke of Europe, and now it’s under lockdown, this morning, due to what the BBC is reporting is an “imminent” terrorist attack.

How in the world are we supposed to decide on this year’s stuffing?  To say nothing of pies.  Let’s face it: The bird is more of a lawn ornament, and that’s necessary, should go without saying, but when guests visit, they go past the ornament, come inside, and are often handed a tumbler of ice and halfway decent liquor.

And so it is with pies and stuffing.

One bird, pre-trussing, will have a cornbread and vegetarian and chestnut stuffing; the other bird, both 12-pounder’s, will have a turkey sausage stuffing, etc.  As for pies, it’s the Usual Suspects: Pecan, pumpkin, apple.

And so, as Europe backs away from its turmoil, cat-and-mouse day to day, we’ll be here talking and talking, eating and eating, in full recognition that sooner or later we’ll all be friends again.

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