Thanksgiving: The Day After

Black Friday deal at EATALY arrived via email this morning: 25% off the entire website of products and free shipping for orders over $30.  And you don’t need to leave the house in order to spend money.  Could dark chocolate with candied pistachios from Italy be in my future?  Hard to tell.

The day began with the last slice of M’s ridiculously delicious pecan pie and a slice of wonderful apple pie.  Hot coffee.  And what awaits?  Club sandwich with turkey and bacon from Kentucky.  Oh, life is good, life is very good, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Guests upstairs are still asleep or lolling in bed and by the time they start their day, I’ll be ready to go back to bed.  But that will have to wait: Dozing while trying to read the Huysmans novel that played a big role in Houellebecq’s novel, “Submission,”  and after a 17-19 minute nap, up to work.

Because it’s 72 hours until I leave for Japan for a few days on a government project, and that requires preparation.

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