In the Japanese Mountains

After about 17 hours in the air, and within four airport terminals, I arrived in a remote mountain village where I’ve been many times before.  The plan is to interview artisans, and deepen an understanding of the culture.  Reading Kawabata helps, and so will reading, “The Paradox of Harmony,” which will arrive soon, and is about displacement, disjuncture, disharmony, and efforts to achieve place, juncture, and harmony while preserving social order.

Pragmatically, it’s been a delightful fried chicken sandwich and Yebisu in Narita, rice balls and steamed pork in the room, and a very late night at a marvelous sake bar with my friend M and several others who seem to be very pleasant indeed.

Three onsen since arrival; one immediately, one at midnight, one at 545 AM, and one in my immediate future.  Let’s hope I can wind down as I am wound up.

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