Day Before Start of Week

Yesterday was one of those loopy days of mixed connections, long stretches of time unspooling like yarn after a cat has hit the ball.  Friday high winds shut down train lines from Kanazawa to Yamanaka and Saturday rain delayed flights to Komatsu so guests coming and going from the inn became the preoccupying responsibility of my friend, the inn owner.  He handled it well : Aplomb.

I met with an MD, an internist, who over 90 minutes described techniques he is developing to reduce stress.  Sleep, sleep, sleep!  Wonderful to meet an individual with knowledge and passion as well as focus.  And of course technological prowess that utilizes self-monitoring via app’s on devices.  He consults to the inn where the napping is nonpareil.

The rest of the day involved noodles, my good friend M, a new friend from Brooklyn who is smitten with Yamanaka, and the previously mentioned naps.

This is M’s work: http://

I was to eat dinner alone in these posh digs, but chose to eat with M: alla Contadina–smoked duck with a small salad, Margharita pizza, pork from Okinawa.

This morning I’ll be taking several onsen and after my body is as soft as butter from the baths, will head to Komatsu for a long day of flights to Narita, D.C., and Boston.

Let’s hope no missed connections.


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