Back in North America…

I arrived back in Boston late Sunday evening from Japan after 18 hours in the air: Snippets of, “West Side Story,” still brilliant after all these years, and about nine hours of sleep.  Plenty of time to get a pizza delivered from ever-dependable Armando’s and watch “Homeland’ and Bill Murray’s wry Christmas special.

While the nation and world were riveted by Islam this week, within that context I saw patients, reviewed my latest piece, wrote, and tried to get a good night’s sleep.

My piece on the state of Japanese whiskies will be out on 1/4/16 in “Whisky Magazine,” the U.K.’s #1 Sprits magazine.

Writing about whisky for the U.K. and also in “Whisky Advocate,” out in March, I’ve learned more about the single malt, vintage whiskies of Scotland.   They speak with terroir, but when you think about it?  It’s more the barrels, malt, and aging that are talking.  Because top whiskies are emerging in Japan and Taiwan.

Being back in Boston means hitting Thai Vegan Cafe and enjoying early winter walks.  The former has a really first-rate kitchen, and with the right business plan could easily compete with burger and pizza joints.  The appetizers and noodle dishes garner a big profit, and to coax flavors from food that isn’t protein?  Well, it’s not easy, and it is the future.

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