The Big News

Pepe’s is opening in Chestnut Hill (Boston).  That’s right, one of the very best pizzerias in the country opens on Wednesday, December 16th.   The pizza, even if it is half as good as the original Pepe’s in New Haven, Connecticut, will be better than any pizzeria in Boston, by far, except for Galleria Umberto and Santarpio’s.

That’s the good news.

The bad news: Chestnut Hill.  I mean, seriously?  Who ever goes to Chestnut Hill?  Land of a big shopping center, upscale knick-knack’s, and beautiful homes.

It’s an interesting choice for the now-franchise to open in Chestnut Hill.  I guess the owners are after a well-heeled clientele.  But won’t that group be more conscious of weight and cholesterol?  Hard to imagine regulars among the CEO’s.

Personally, it’ll bring me to Chestnut Hill at least once over the next month, and then maybe once again in 2016.  It’s not a part of town most people who live in the Boston area ever find themselves.

But pizza will bring us all a little closer…

2 thoughts on “The Big News

  1. a real, really good pizza – one prepared with prime raw products – is hard to beat. last time i traveled in italy i ate pizza during four out of five meals. each one was incredible. i never had what i call a real pizza over here. maybe another reason to finally make it to boston?

    • Rubirosa, Lombardi’s, Motorino, Galleria Umberto, Santarpio’s, John’s, Di Faro…I think, frankly, that we have better quality control and more consistent product in the U.S. than in Italy…

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