Holiday Cheer

Last night we drove around Somerville to see the Christmas lights.  We started from Cambridge, and on Brattle Street passed by three palaces decked out.  One had adorned trees and shrubs with lights, chiefly white; another had two Christmas trees visible from within; and, a third had lights strung along its walkway to the front door and then along the frames of the home’s windows.

But in Somerville the lights are at a whole other level.  It’s like the fireworks display on the 4th of July.  We saw about a dozen homes with beautiful, colorful bulbs, Santa and Mrs. Santa, Jesus, reindeers, a winged pig, elves, a huge American flag, and even the Eiffel tower.

The grand finale took place behind Inman Square, on the border of Cambridge, where about a half dozen homes around a small square or common had amazing and different displays.  I had Christmas tunes on a Sirius channel and while Wayne Newton sang, followed by Frank Sinatra, we drove slowly past the homes until halting at a property in front of which was a manger with the three kings, Joseph, Mary, and the baby Jesus, around which, to the side, were Santa and Mrs. Santa.

Back home we grilled Julie’s farm fresh, grass fed steaks, opened a good Barolo, and toasted to the holidays.

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