Winter Solstice

Shortest day of the year ahead, and then the cold, bare branches, frantic squirrels, skidding cars, etc.  Fine, just fine.  Mother Nature?  No If’s, And’s, or But’s.

Compensation, such as it is, resides in nightly fires, single malt whiskies, and hearty meals, fish, fowl, meat, or veg.

Last night, pre-Carrie, that meant a cumin chicken dish using the rudiments of a cumin lamb dish recipe from The NY Times.  The NYT recipe was very flawed; amount of oil was inaccurate, the cumin guidelines were wrong, etc.  But if you see the mistakes and work around them?  Wow: A good wok chicken dish singing with flavor.  It helped a lot to use a “Green Circle” bird from D’Artagnan that was raised in Pennsylvania.  No good ingredient the recipe just does not matter.

Tonight to mark the solstice there’s talk of going down to the river and painting our bodies, dancing naked around a bonfire, but why do the same thing every year?

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