2016: Inauspicious start

Bowie dies 10 days into the new year, Penn gives journalism a new meaning, and is it true?  Could Adele be interviewing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Tuesday for Vanity Fair?

Adele: What made you turn to terrorism?

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: I grew up poor, I had to find a way to feed my family.

Speaking of Bowie, journalism, and food:

At Night Market, in Harvard Square, the music is a nod to Bowie’s magnificent mix of genres–from old school to hip-hop, it’s what Louis Armstrong (or Duke Ellington) said: “There’s two kinds of music–good music and bad music.”

As for journalism, my own work crosses lines: Memoir, culture, sparse and crowded.  My book about Indian immigration is out in April; the novel turned memoir is said to be out in  2017.

And as for food: Night Market just gets better and better.  Really first-rate food normally served in pubs and on streets in SE Asia, Taiwan, and Japan.  And at a great price: About $50 a couple, inc. tax and tip.  The owner knows how to sell: Doesn’t skimp on the protein, cooks vegetables with care.

R.I.P., David Bowie.

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