Kagoshima Morning

Haneda airport on Sunday morning was jammed with Japanese travelers, it appeared that we were the only Westerners, heading to and returning from all directions.  Numerous terrific restaurants lined the passageways, and one could choose from Dean & Deluca to bento of crab or fish or whatever.  Even soba.

We’re talking crab on rice and a tonkatusu sandwich.

From the plane: A spectacular view of Fuji-san emerging from clouds.

I’d not been to Kyushu before–parallel pretty much to Shanghai, we passed by green tea plantations and through valleys beneath coniferous, forested hills to reach the ryokan.

Chickens roam its grounds: Big, beautiful birds, some of which end up as sashimi or in stews.

Eight of the ten rooms here has a private onsen; the other two rooms are next to big baths open to all guests.  The ryokan is made up of reconstructed farm houses brought here over a twenty year period.  It’s peaceful and there is little do, thank goodness, and jet lag pulled me down and I slept (fitfully) for 12 hours.

But not before that chicken sashimi, and kurobuta–the region is famous for both.  So delicious.

Soon it’s a long train ride to Kobe.  There’s a first time for everything.

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