Boston Hiatus

ISETAN @ Shinjuku on Friday morning yielded a good eki-ben for the plane ride home of yakitori, which included very good tsukune as well as a flat tray of pickled vegetables, udon, dark miso, and fried strips of tofu for later.

That very night, in Cambridge, we’re talking miso soup that was crazy good with enormous depth, fried tofu toasted with onions, and udon with black Kyoto spice.

The following day, work continued on a top secret Korea project as well as foray into a locked psychiatric unit.  That night: Wagyu-Style cheeseburgers.

With the Bank of Japan creating negative interest rates, as of Friday, who knows what and how things will change there: Bet we see a decline of otaku style bars and haunts.  The economy grows, people work in teams, identities change.

Oh, and last night, one of my top five movies: (天国と地獄.  Mifune?  Out of control!

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