February, Boston, Cold and Hot

A brief ride on the Red Line T to Tremont Street, facing the Boston Commons, brought us to, “Hail, Caesar,” a fun, entertaining, quickly forgettable movie.  Then a ride back to Central Square in Cambridge in search of food.

There’s pizza, burgers, falafel, noodles, pizza, burgers, falafel, and noodles, and while I love the feeling of being at college that eating all this stuff inspires, I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not really satisfying.  And the idea of $12 beets and $38 lamb?

So we stopped at Bao Nation, at the back of Shalimar groceries, and picked up good buns and dumplings.  Never been before, won’t be back any time soon.  Buns were lathered in an orange sauce meant to be a kind of Russian dressing in which were thick, brown pieces of lamb.  Dumplings of shrimp were good.

Next to Bao Nation is a little Indian kitchen selling food from every region of India. It’s as if a European restaurant opened that sold food from France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.  I picked up food from the menu section that I’d heard about, but never tried: Chinese-Indian.  The deep fried cheese cubes drenched in tomato sauce and onions tasted exactly the way it sounds.  Then noodles, which looked like spaghetti, where sweet and if they were put in a can would feel at home.

And home it was.  To watch more of, “The Seventh Samurai,” which I’d never seen before.

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