A Night in Sapporo

Summer was the time before when I was in Sapporo.  On this visit, snow fell beside the train  tracks from Chitose airport to the city, and fields in all directions were white.  In Sapporo, tunnels offer relief from the cold.  It is a city below a city with many people shopping and eating.

Yesterday was 雛祭りin Japan: Hinamatsuri or Girls or dolls day festival.  From Heian period, long ago: Dolls set afloat on river take troubles with them.  These days families line up to buy pink and red sweets.  It was festive: Lots of laughter and talking.

Before dinner at Moliere,  I rested in my hotel room.  I feel as I imagine a cat does: Lots of naps, day and night, none more than three hours and most are much less.  The time difference between here and the States means resetting the body’s “clock.”

I was joined by K and K last night.  Good friends.  One K served as interpreter for an interview, and that was so helpful as the very amiable chef taught us a lot. His French-Japanese food is both from the heart as well as intellectual.  Oh, and extremely delicious.

Soon it will be time to return to the airport for flight to Seoul: Poetic dinner, night of tossing and turning, then back to Tokyo.

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