Seoul: 24 Hours

Arrived early evening from Sapporo on Korean Air and then got on a public bus filled with U.S. evangelicals here for ten days.  Their coordinator, from Korea, stood up as we sped on the highway to say, “OK, everyone listen up!”  Then she told them that they had to go to their rooms as soon as they got to the hotel, put down their bags, and come straight to dinner.  “Because tomorrow everyone needs to be in the lobby at 445 A.M. to get on a bus to go to a church famous for its sunrise service, which starts at 6 A.M.  After dinner, go to bed early!”

On the way to the hotel, she pointed out only two things: “That’s a rest stop.  The rest stops in Korea usually have food courts.”  And: “That’s the largest church in the world.”

When she got off the phone to coordinate the schedule, she held up the phone and, pointing to it, said, “Thank God for this!”  On the contrary.

I am here to have dinner at Si-Wha-Dam, and it was fascinating and delicious.  The philosophy of art on the plate was apparent.  The owners have a delightful outlook, and laugher was immediate.

This morning I see Mount Namsan from my window.  Red and white radio tower on its peak.

Somehow the vibe here reminds me of how I felt in Brazil: Evangelical, but restless beneath the surface.  So much more to know.  Familiar faces from growing up with Koreans and with the communities in Boston and NYC.

Airport this afternoon, and return to Tokyo.

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