Ode to Boston

The day started in Hakone and ended in Cambridge, Massachusetts after a stop in Minneapolis.  Chaos reigned at the immigration area in the Minneapolis airport as one machine after another broke down and passports could not be scanned.  Once through immigration, it was a short jaunt from one terminal to another until reaching the gate that had the plane to take us to Boston.

The day started with a Japanese breakfast of grilled fish, dry seaweed, a small and delicious omelet, soft tofu, rice, and many, little, tasty things to put in the rice, mostly vegetables.  The person who presented the breakfast took her job very seriously and as the snow fell outside she put down and took away dishes in silence.

At the Tokyo train station: lots of yakitori for the plane ride home.

At home: Armando’s pizza.  Their delivery guy is MIA, but a short drive over yielded Boston’s finest dining experience: a small freshly baked pizza, fresh mozzarella squares, half anchovy and half sausage.  The owner, Armando’s grandson, looked grumpy, and when I asked him, “What’s up?,” he said, truthfully, “I’m tired.  I can’t wait to get out of here.  Another hour and a half and I’m going home.”  Now that’s Boston in a nutshell.

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