Restaurant News, Spring, 2016

New BBQ and pizzerias are popping up like daffodils, and two new Greek restaurants are headed our way, too.  The pizzerias will also serve salads and sandwiches, and the BBQ joints are smoking meats up the wa-zoo.  As soon as I get out of class, you can bet I’m heading over to chow down with some brews and watch the game on the big flat screen above the bar.

For grown-up’s the choices are standard operating procedure: Went to Mooo on Wednesday just before going to the Garden to see KD clobber the Celtics.  Really delicious and straightforward food, in big portions, served in a cool, well-lighted room.  Caesar salad, veal schnitzel, swordfish, you get the picture.  Sides with entrees are extra so bring a thick wallet.

On this side of the river, you can’t beat half a loaf of the Australian francese at Iggy’s for two dollars.  This is a crustier, darker grain version of their U.S. francese, and, folks, it’s perfect for sandwiches.

And as Easter gets closer and closer, we’re rummaging through Nonna’s tried and true recipes.  Her coconut flake crusted bunny with jelly beans for eyes is a crowd pleaser.  The pink ham on the bone served with candied sweet potatoes?  The best.  She never could give up the rigatoni in a thick tomato sauce, buttery and garlic-y, with homemade pork sausages that had a nice bite from fennel seeds.  Those will be on call, in the kitchen, so that the snoots don’t find the more traditional table crowded with Sicilian ethnicity.


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