Spring Revisited

It’s the first full day of spring and wouldn’t you know it?  Snow.  Branches weighted down, a thin layer on sidewalks and in streets.  The birds, boisterous the past ten days?  Not a peep.

Returning from Japan weighted down from the requirement to not just taste but to eat three big meals a day–a job’s a job–has meant a return to a cuisine here that makes Michel Guerard’s Cuisine Minceur appear to be lavish.  We’re talking small portions of terrific fish–thick cuts of flounder, red snapper, Scottish salmon, all from New Deal–and lots of steamed or raw vegetables tossed with mirin and soy.

Fortunately, outside of bakeries there is literally no temptation to eat out.  Well, there are pizza and burgers and offal, but seriously?  How is that food?

Staying at home also means getting work done.  We got a forward from a prominent U.S. Congressman for my new book, out in May, and I’m all caught up with articles.

The shovel awaits at the top of the stairs.

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