Snow Festival in Boston

Early April snowfall in Boston preceded by a long night of rain, and that’s a pleasant way to wake up on a Sunday morning though the silence of the cold birds suggests otherwise.

Once a year I use Hyatt points to book a room for a night in Boston, and this year was no exception.  Boarded the subway at Harvard Square and trooped down Tremont Street to the Regency in the part of town known as Downtown Crossing.  A room on the 18th floor: Views of the gold domed State House.

“Everybody Wants Some” was playing at the movies just down the street and a better picture of life in one’s early twenties hasn’t been made.  Reminded me a lot of early Truffaut with its love and tenderness.

Speaking of things French: A short jaunt through the Commons and there we were at Bar Boulud.  Easily and by far the best French restaurant in Boston, the precision of dishes and alacrity of service make an evening there memorable.  Just good food without any fussiness or pretension.

Later today, to honor the cold and storm, I’ll roast a “green circle” chicken–These birds are shipped from D’Artaganan and have a depth of flavor that trump any birds I can buy locally.

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