It’s been a busy week, what with a snowstorm and a torrential day of sheets of rain soon after, flowers and buds buried under snow and then flooded.  Silent birds, noisy birds.

Inside the home, my book is making the near final edits with the editor and publisher and we are weeks away from publication.  A really lovely Foreward from a U.S. Congressman!  A blurb from a  U.S. Senator!

And it looks as if the latest strategy for the book I’m editing?  It looks like it might work.  It might just work.

From a culinary standpoint, we’re seeing the ongoing deterioration of the restaurant landscape.  Twenty new restaurants opening in Cambridge, Massachusetts this spring: Twelve are burgers, pizza, tacos, BBQ, fast food Chinese, coffee, or a deli.  The other eight are hodgepodge cooking, direction-less, and mostly about pork or cheap cuts of choice beef or fish that costs the kitchen next to nothing.  Not a single full-scale Italian restaurant, simple French, or Japanese among them.  Not a rotisserie, not a vegetarian, not a straightforward “gastro”-pub.

This boils down to good meals at home that cost far, far less than eating out, which leaves enough time to write and read as well as eat out on rare occasions at places that are first-rate: Babbo Pizzeria & Enoteca, Giulia, Bar Boulud, Mooo, and Pastoral.

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