Follow the Dough

A lot’s been written about the narrow margins in the restaurant industry, which are only going to get narrower when the minimum wage goes up to $15 an hour, and chefs who know their way around kitchens are trying to come up with ways to profit and stay in business.

One word: Dough.

Whether it’s soba, ramen, udon, pizza, bread courses, or pasta, no menu item–outside of beverages–brings in more bang for the buck.  Have a look:

That’s why you’re going to see food trends over the next few years that will focus on these items, especially pizza.  In Boston, for example, within the next few months, and starting a few months ago, no fewer than a half dozen pizza joints have opened up.  It’s a cool idea, one wishes them well, and a good way to try to get going in the restaurant industry.

It’s a lot like what has kept Italian and Chinese restaurants alive for decades: Pasta and noodles, pizza and dumplings.


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