We Interrupt Regular Programming…

The NY Observer ran a piece yesterday that I wrote about my book, “Those Immigrants!”–http://observer.com/2016/05/those-immigrants-a-psychological-exploration-of-achievement/.

And on FB & Twitter there are literally hundreds of people calling attention to the work.

Meanwhile, closer to home, it was really delicious American waygu cheeseburgers on poppy seed Kaiser rolls from Boston’s best bakery: Clear Flour.  I thought of watching the OKC-GSW game, and then didn’t.  Tonight Lebron will wreak havoc on the hapless Raptors.

Yeah, so better to stay in and write.  The news is getting out on the book about immigration; a couple of rabid comments appear on the Observer piece.  Kind of obvious and intriguing that there are 100,000 illegal Irish immigrants in Boston, but not a word about Europeans when the shouting starts.


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