Have I Changed?

People want go know: “Have you changed since becoming a winner in Monopoly at Shaw’s supermarket?”  I don’t think so, I really don’t.  Sure, my step is a little lighter, there’s more bounce in my walk, a steady glint in my eye, but I think that fundamentally I’m still the same person.  I don’t think of myself as better than anyone else, I don’t think that winning at Monopoly makes me special.

“How did it happen?”  People want to know.  Well, like most other people I got Monopoly stamps when I shopped at Shaw’s and collected them.  I didn’t stick them into the Monopoly booklet each time–provided free of charge at Shaw’s–and waited until yesterday to add all at once.  That’s when I found out I was a winner.

My reaction?  Mild disbelief at first.  That lasted maybe 20 seconds.  Then  a sense of redemption.  I’d played Monopoly at Shaw’s before.  Last year, I think it was, and I won exactly nothing.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  So winning this year felt like: Yeah, that’s right, I’m a winner.

“Did you do anything special?” Good question.  No, not really,  In fact, I went often to the Self Check Out where no Monopoly stickers are given.  In retrospect, was that a good decision?  I think so.  I think time is as valuable as money, and I made that choice.  Maybe to compensate, and perhaps unconsciously, I did purchase those grocery items that gave double stickers: Not always, and not if I didn’t need the product.  But given two products, one with double stickers and one without?  I think it’s fair to say that most people would choose the double sticker item.

When I presented my winning booklet to the person at Customer Service in Shaw’s, I could see that she was impressed and it seemed a little shocked.  Those reactions may account for the fact that she didn’t offer congratulations.  I’m not taking that personally.  Also, no photos, no interviews.

She had to go to the back to talk things over with someone higher up: I didn’t see who that was, but I’m guessing it was a store manager.  After a couple of trips back and forth to consult with the person, she handed me a sheet of paper to choose my prize.

Step back a sec’: Was I nervous with all the back and forth?  Did I think that somehow I wouldn’t win?  That I’d done something wrong?  A little, I’ll admit it.  But I didn’t let it show.

I was given a choice of a gift card to about twelve places.  At first, I chose a credit for my American Express card, but then I thought: No, this ought to be personal and specific.

So I’m now the owner of a $25 gift card to Fandango and can use it towards the movie of my choice.  I can envision myself going online, choosing the picture, and putting in the code, and then?  Then a winner goes to the movies with the date of his choice.

Maybe I have changed.  Maybe the change will be observable to others before it is to me.  I hope, if that’s the case, that the change makes me more accepting, and more aware of the role that luck plays in our lives.

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