Troy & Albany

I’ll miss visits to these two cities.  The past four years–has it really been that long?–I’ve come here to visit many times.  Albany has a destitute, turn of the nineteenth century, then pre-war, then post-industrial feel and gloom to it.  The architecture is stunning in areas, and its parks are deeply arboreal.  Population, lacking access, not prepared for today’s challenges (nor yesterday’s), so lots of glowering and an undercurrent of disengagement.

On the other side of the river is Troy, glorious Troy, home of the Trojans, once so famous that it was the subject of Homer’s profound work on love and war.  It moved on from ancient times to become the Collar Capital of the world.  Nowadays, there’s Dino BBQ, one of my favorite restaurants in the country, no kidding, with views of the Hudson and a wily staff with tats who serve up first-rate ribs and brisket and very good sides.

All around is the countryside, some with Dutch names, lots of beautiful farms, hardscrabble lives, people may need to go day to day tending to crops and being involved in animal husbandry.

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