Blue Mountains

On the long verandah overlooking several rounded, ancient peaks, and the baying and crowing from 5 A.M. now a four hour ago memory.  A small press of fine and strong local coffee, powerful breezes pounding fronds, and the memory of gecko chasing moths last night a twelve hour ago memory.

Strawberry Fields, the area, was given to Sir Hugh Walpole centuries ago by the King of England when that sort of thievery was law, and nowadays, after passing through successions of private owners, it is in the hands of Chris Blackwell.  In 1959, Mr. Blackwell founded Island Records and the rest is history: Bob Marley.

Presently, the idea is to read and write and cook and see the hours stretch and stretch.  Naps are in order.  The hummingbirds arrive and suck nectar, and then they are gone.

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