Sunday in the Blue Mountains

Alongside a high stone wall buttressing the property, and then downhill through tall grasses, groves of bamboo, and a pine forest.  One tall pine had lower branches, unusually, and this meant perhaps that sufficient light enabled these to grow whereas many such trees have higher branches blocking out light causing lower branches to fall off.

It was that kind of day, noticing things like that.

Down further into Maryland, a village NW of here where a pastor droned in a miked monotone in one church, but two other churches had parishioners and choirs that harmonized beautifully.  then, too, reggae and dance hall blasting from cars and houses.  Four men standing beside a car talking and then the alarm went off and then it stopped.

On the way back to Irish Town: A tall, bare chested bearded man wielded a machete just off the road beside his home.  Abandoned cars weighted down with sacks of cement to keep them from rolling down slopes.

In the evening we fried up chicken, boiled calaloo with carrots, and fried fresh potatoes.

Hoping today for indolence.

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