The Walk in the Mountains

After a light breakfast of fruit and toast and muffins, along with remarkable and seemingly real Blue Mountain coffee, so tasty as to make other coffee weak in comparison, a few of us strolled along the two-lane road to Red Light.  The road is north-south, criss-crossing these mountains, coast to coast, and along the way are villages with a few inhabitants.

Red Light, in contrast to Irish Town, has a few hole-in-the-wall rooms that serve as pubs.  Also a few little rooms that sell very basic groceries.  Signs in the grocery shops: “NO CREDIT.”  Some kids in khaki uniforms home from school or en route.  Lots of men chatting.  Women in front of shops or behind them looking both shy and angry.

The afternoon was spent editing and reading.  The evening was a wonderful Jamaican curry chicken made by M and callaloo made by N.  Cold Red Stripe.

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