England joins Switzerland and Norway in leaving the E.U.  A new BBQ place opens in Cambridge–only in Boston would a BBQ restaurant have beneath its sign, “BBQ by —” and insert the chef’s name, as if the chef is a guarantee of goodness.  (I’ll be going there later this week and I bet it’s delicious: There’s a reason why pork, pizza, and burgers are everywhere…better profit margins, and loaded with fat and salt, which we associate with taste.)

Right, England.  Dunno, can’t see how an anti-immigration viewpoint is going to lead to schools that teach job-ready skills that are necessary in today’s economy, which has jobs requiring more technical and computer knowledge and experience.

The thing with BBQ is that the very best is extremely good–great balance of salt, acidity, sweetness, and texture.  There’s a reason why it’s often associated with “soul food,” and reasons why anyone with half a brain eats it no more than half a dozen times a year.  It’s unhealthy: Too much salt, too much animal fat, carcinogens from being cooked over wood or coal.  So how is that a business plan for a restaurant?

Hey, in Italy the deal is: Vegetables.  Pasta.  OK, some protein, but not so much, it’s unnecessary.

Sorry about England, too.


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