Hope for Restaurants in Boston

Throughout neighborhoods in Roxbury, Mattapan, and Dorchester are dozens of mom and pop restaurants serving delicious food that tastes of home.  We’re talking Cape Verdean, Vietnamese, Haitian, Cambodian, Salvadoran, Mexican, Cuban, Jamaican, Nigerian, Puerto Rican, and Somali restaurants, to name the most prominent.

Storefront and informal, priced so that a working person can afford a decent meal, the food served in these places brings you to nations and regions that reflect the city’s mosaic.  They don’t have media skills, they aren’t old school, they are off the tourist track, and if you want to know what many people will be eating in the future, all over the world, these are places worth exploring.

It’s interesting how cities like D.C. and NYC developed neighborhoods like Adams-Morgan and the Lower East Side, respectively, with restaurants serving locals as well as those who wanted to try traditional cuisines from other parts of the world.  This confluence led to more money coming into the neighborhoods, more jobs, and on a social level it meant that people whose backgrounds differed got to know a little bit more about one another.  All that leads to social change.

It would be lovely if Boston could embrace that trend.

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