Christmas in July

As July winds down, and acorns start showing up on sidewalks, some leaves appear yellow, and neighborhood bunnies get bigger, one can’t help but think: Why, it’s almost Christmas!  I know what you’re thinking, and of course you’re right: Time is running out for gift buying, but there’s still a few months to spare!  So drop what you’re doing, go online, and start spending.

Between shopping sprees–the knitted wool socks are amazing–I’ve been reading and preparing for the future.  A literary festival in Colorado, a hospitality congress in Tokyo, and day to day lots of delicious vegetarian and pasta-driven dinners.

Why, just last week, though it seems long ago, I was in NYC and from Rotisserie Georgette to Il Buco Alimentari, Russ & Daughters to Second Avenue Deli, Lupa to Balthazar Bakery, one experience was as good as the next, and led to ideas for home cooking.

That home cooking will be enhanced by a big order of beef from DeBragga that arrives on Friday.  We’re talking steaks and burgers, dry aged prime and prime that isn’t dry aged.

Fire up the grill!  Deck the halls!  Ho, ho, ho!

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