In the Soup

Over the past ten months or so, I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy making and eating a good bowl of homemade soup for dinner along with good bread and a glass of wine.

In the winter, I started making chicken soup from scratch for the first time.  Couldn’t be easier.  Whole Foods sells frozen backs and for about $5 you get a package, defrost it, and put it with about six cups of water and one carrot and one onion and salt and pepper in a pressure cooker for maybe 12 minutes.  Then let it simmer for an hour.  Then remove everything and let the broth stay warm in a pot on the stove for about eight hours.  Correct the salt.  Add noodles or matzoh balls in bowls.  Bye-bye, winter.

Summer means cold soups.

Cold tomato soup is also easy: Four tomatoes, 1/2 a cucumber, a small red pepper, a little olive oil, a pinch of sambal oelek, salt, and pepper.  Blend in a food processor.  Correct the salt.  Put in fridge for at least three hours.

Cold beet soup is easy, too: Boil four beets and a few baby Yukon potatoes until soft.  Reserve liquid and cool beets and potatoes.  Place beets and potatoes in a food processor with salt, pepper, a bit of red wine vinegar, some fresh lemon juice, a cup of good sour cream, and there reserved liquid from boiling the beets and potatoes to create desired thickness.  Put in fridge for at least three hours.

All three soups cure bone spurs.

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