Change of Seasons

It’s tax day here, for those with quarterlies, and Bayer bought Monsanto, the review of the iPhone 7 in today’s NY Times makes me want to get one, the polls are tied nationally, summer fruit is mushy and the Fall apples not quite ripe.

Between reading about early childhood attachments in Japan and the influence of that on adult relationships, preparing to speak at next week’s literary festival in Colorado, and this weekend’s festival in Boston, I’m roasting a chicken, frying tofu, and trying to decide where to eat on Sunday, November 27th, no kidding.

I find myself wondering about cookbooks, their purpose, reason for being, and I guess some people find them avenues into culture, some chefs see them as marketing tools, and some writers benefit from free trips and products they utilize for the recipes.

The chicken is a Green Circle from D’Artagnan and I’ll roast it for a bunch of hours at a very low heat.  Stuffed with 1/2 a lemon.  Salt and pepper.  Vegetables.

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