It’s the First of November…

…and another Halloween is behind us.  Where does the time go?  Last night we had few–zero–trick-or-treater’s, and small wonder when just around the corner are manses decked out with stage-worthy monsters, pumped in sound, and brilliant and twinkling orange lights.  Kids from all over the region are driven there by their parents to grab fistfuls of big candy bars.  So, in fact, the two bags of Snickers go back to the freezer.

Meanwhile I picked up today’s paper and discovered that Chobani is hiring refugees to work in its factories.  As a result, the CEO is getting threats on the Internet, and there are those calling for a boycott of the products.

Looking ahead, it’s prep and planning for Thanksgiving.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a local turkey?  But $85 for a 10-12 pound bird?  No, thanks.  Jaindl sells its turkeys, from Pennsylvania Dutch country, at Whole Foods and $35 or so gets you top quality.

Closer to home, it’s Game Six and turkey-Salvadorean red bean chili.  That’s about as local as it gets around here.

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