Small Wonders

It’s not as if there is a tradition of democracy in the United States for people of color and women.  The former got increased access to the vote about fifty years ago, and the latter got access to vote in 1920.  Globally, name five political leaders you admire or who inspire.  I came up with three.

So it’s no wonder that Trump is as close to gaining power.  Context is everything.

The underestimation, however, of what is going to happen should he achieve the Presidency is alarming.  People don’t know how swiftly, as well as incrementally, changes will occur.  Media outlets will indeed be shut down, civil liberties will be taken away, and reproductive rights will almost vanish.  To say nothing of creating a climate in which ideas and strategies outside of dictates will be condemned.  Think Breitbart.  And all in the name of fighting a war on “radical Islamic terrorism.”


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