What Me Worry?

Look, I’m not saying Paul von Hindenburg was the best candidate, but at least he would have kept Weimar going.  As it stands, our new Chancellor has big ideas and while that’s good–I mean, who doesn’t like big ideas?–one has to wonder: Who will be blamed when the big ideas fail?

With tariffs coming of 30-45% on goods from China and Mexico, and the price of those goods going up, and then those two nations placing tariffs on U.S. imports, which will decrease the demand for those products, the obvious result will be inflation.  Without wages to match the prices because more money will be needed by many Americans to pay out of pocket for health care and education.

And when that all leads to discontent, who will be blamed?

Who will be identified as “the misfortune” of America?

Then, too, when those who are blamed protest, in one way or another, what civil liberties will be taken from them in the name of national security?

On the other hand, maybe it will all work out.  Maybe once the Chancellor achieves power, he’ll work things out.  Maybe he’ll build a governing coalition.  Maybe pigs will fly.

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